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Matt Nathanson
Theater of Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA

1:  Car Crash
2:  Wedding Dress
3:  Curve of the Earth
4:  Angel
5:  I Saw
6:  Princess
7:  Jesse's Girl !
8:  Come On Get Higher
9:  Pretty the World
10:  Then I'll Be Smiling w/ Kim
11:  To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
12:  Falling Apart
13:  Suspended
14:  Bulletproof Weeks
15:  Gone
16:  Don't Stop, Believing *
17:  Laid
18:  Detroit Waves
19:  Church Clothes
20:  Loud
21:  Lucky Boy
22:  Answering Machine
23:  All We Are
24:  Little Victories

Rick Springfield
Photo Courtesy: twojay
Show Reviews:
This was my first \"Real\" Matt show, the two others were a radio show and a high school, both short. I always liked matt, but after the 11th, i freaking LOVE him, he was so entertaining. \"Suspended\" is awesome and so was all the rest. My personal favorite was \"Answering Machine\" i\'m at work and i cant type much, but wow, matt\'s amazing
-Henry  2007-10-26 12:03:38
Matt Nathanson

I've got two words for you, rhymes with 'duck poo'