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Matt Nathanson
40 Watt Club
Athens, GA

1:  To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts
2:  Curve of the Earth
3:  Gone
4:  Heartbreak World
5:  Princess < >
6:  (Jesse's Girl) !
7:  Come On Get Higher
8:  Pretty the World
9:  Angel
10:  Little Victories
11:  Loud w/ Ingrid Michaelson
12:  Suspended
13:  Car Crash
14:  Wedding Dress
15:  La Bamba *
16:  Still
17:  Falling Apart
18:  Detroit Waves
19:  Answering Machine
20:  Little Victories

Rick Springfield
Los Lobos
Photo: Samantha Lien
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Matt Nathanson

If someone isn't singing, ostracize those people until they learn it. Just point. No, don't like call her out to me. You're your own police tonight, sir. You're your own rent-a-cop. We're not going to give you a gun. Maybe some mace. Just mace the people who aren't singing. That'll give you friends.