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Matt Nathanson
St. John Fisher College
Rochester, NY

1:  More Than This
2:  Sad Songs
3:  Church Clothes
4:  Bent
5:  Wings
6:  Then I'll Be Smiling
7:  Detroit Waves
8:  Lost Myself in Search of You
9:  Starfish and Coffee !
10:  Angel >
11:  I Saw
12:  Pretty the World
13:  Miracles
14:  Laid
15:  Answering Machine
16:  Suspended

Photo: Samantha Lien
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Show Reviews:
Just got back from the show last night, good stuff. I wasn't too impressed with the setlist because the only two songs that aren't staples in his lineup were Detroit Waves and Then I'll Be Smiling, but Matt was excellent as usual. My favorites were Pretty the World (which he kept screwing up during the chorus, very entertaining) and probably Then I'll Be Smiling. Bent was also very slow and intimate and was one of the highlights. During the Stayin Alive tease (in Starfish) Matt hit the most ridiculously high note I've ever heard, cracking up the whole crowd. The crowd was awesome, singing along with songs that he didn't even ask for sing-alongs. Finally he ended with Suspended unplugged. It was my first time hearing him do the unplugged thing, and it was a very classy ending to the show. All in all, good stuff, I wish there were some more unexpected songs though. Matt seems to like to break things down a little bit slower the last couple times I've seen him than really strumming the 12 string and rocking out. During Miracles he didn't do the instrumental brige part, which kind of sucked, but the song was still excellent. Hopefully when the Tori tour is over he'll get back into his hard rocking mood! - CW; Ithaca, NY
-miraclesandmartyrs  2005-04-10 11:23:02