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Matt Nathanson
20th Centry Theater
Cincinnati, OH

1:  Then I'll Be Smiling
2:  Sad Songs
3:  Pretty the World
4:  (Crazy for You) !
5:  Curve of the Earth
6:  Bent
7:  Princess
8:  (Don't Stop, Believing) *
9:  Lost Myself in Search of You
10:  Stay
11:  More Than This
12:  Wings w/ Aaron Tap
13:  Angel >
14:  I Saw
15:  Lucky Boy >
16:  (I Want You to Want Me) $
17:  (Lose Yourself) &
18:  Detroit Waves
19:  Laid
20:  Answering Machine
21:  No Surrender @
22:  Suspended

Cheap Trick
Bruce Springsteen
Photo: Samantha Lien
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Show Reviews:
Seeing how I could touch Matt from where I was standing, this was an amazing show... The highlight of the night was when he was playing solo and reached for his 6 string but I yelled out Wings so he stopped and picked the 12 string back up and played Wings. I later found out that he was going to play Bulletproof Weeks when he gave me his setlist at the end of the night. I think Wings was a good substitute for this song. Plus Matt Wertz and his companion Justin also had an amazing set.
-hockeypro5  2005-10-24 16:36:20
Matt Nathanson

well because there's not that much to do, except drink like Robotussin and, you know, to tip cows