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Matt Nathanson
Tufts University
Medford, MA

1:  Prove to Me
2:  Lucky Boy >
3:  (I Want You to Want Me) !
4:  Princess < >
5:  (Pretty in Pink) *
6:  Sad Songs
7:  More Than This
8:  Jesse's Girl $
9:  Wings
10:  Lost Myself in Search of You
11:  Starfish and Coffee & < >
12:  (Stayin' Alive) @
13:  Church Clothes
14:  Angel >
15:  I Saw
16:  Forgiveness ? >
17:  Wide Eyed and Full
18:  Laid
19:  Answering Machine
20:  Car Crash
21:  If I Had a Boat %

Cheap Trick
Psychedelic Furs
Rick Springfield
Bee Gees
Patty Griffin
Lyle Lovett
Photo: Samantha Lien
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Show Reviews:
crowd noise was sickening. i was embarassed for these people. it wasnt untill the last song of the night, \"if i had a boat\", that the crowd shut up and actually paid attention to matt. car crash is still evolving, matt seems to be struggling to find a chorus he really likes. (i still prefer, in one form or another, the chorus from the the fall tour). but this song was still a highlight for me
-bartender041  2006-03-04 00:55:57
Matt Nathanson

" said my eyes were like the sea? My fucking eyes are brown. Ok. Thanks. A really gross toxic sea. Shit sludge. That's hot.