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Matt Nathanson
Swedish American Hall
San Francisco, CA

1:  Car Crash
2:  Bare
3:  Solace and Pain
4:  Bent >
5:  (Such Great Heights) !
6:  Princess
7:  What's So Funny 'bout Peace Love & Understanding *
8:  (Don't Stop, Believing) $
9:  Lost Myself in Search of You
10:  Detroit Waves
11:  Curve of the Earth
12:  Pretty the World
13:  Angel >
14:  I Saw
15:  Answering Machine
16:  Bulletproof Weeks
17:  Suspended

The Postal Service
Elvis Costello
Photo: Samantha Lien
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So this time, all of you who know how to please your partner sexually can sing. And those of you who don't sing can just sit there not singing, and we won't judge you. Well, we'll judge you, but we'll judge you silently.