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  • Is Rochester that small that there's one fucking bar? - Matt Nathanson

  • This songs about fucking, this song is about crazy fucking where they wear each others clothes - Matt Nathanson

  • (While Singing "Then ill be smiling" ...He tried to.....(stops) fuck i just had a total brain fart - Matt Nathanson

  • Can i get more wedge, thats code, its a sexual position..later can we get more wedge - Matt Nathanson

  • Can you turn this up more til i can feel my fucking nuts....(plays a little) ...ok dick thats too much - Matt Nathanson

  • Freebird...That kids gotta shut his mouth - Matt Nathanson

  • Fuck Aids..fuck world aids, its all about remembering lyrics ashley - Matt Nathanson

  • I had a friend that actually shit in the supermarket...Shook it right out of the leg...later... - Matt Nathanson

  • Im a condowit for the funk - Matt Nathanson

  • Kiss myself - Matt Nathanson

  • La la is like her sexual moment, its her christian sexual moment; so its like you make me wanna la la in the church under god..(Talking about ashley simpson) - Matt Nathanson

  • Oh you wanna be in tune you bitch - Matt Nathanson

  • Rochester Motherfucking New York - Matt Nathanson

  • So goes to dad joe simpson and she says she says dad..(On Ashley) - Matt Nathanson

  • Stayin alive, ah ah ah staying aliiii...come on you own this note...Staying Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!!!!!!!! - Matt Nathanson

  • That's like losing an erection... (pause) ... I don't know what that's like. - Matt Nathanson

  • This is a happy song, ive got one of these - Matt Nathanson

  • This Is a Song about genitals - Matt Nathanson

  • This song is about dating someone whos fucking a bunch of other people at the same time...its about sharing..its kinda funky so if you feel your lower regions getting warm and your nipples get like (pop) owww... - Matt Nathanson

  • Whiskey and Wine in all the fine flavors Whiskey and Wine dont do me any favors Whiskey and Wine dont come around here no more - Matt Nathanson

  • You guys arent fucking clapping enought, my mom never clapped enough...i ate her - Matt Nathanson

  • ...


    (girl in the crowd) Take it off! (Matt)Take it off? You know me, I like walking around my house in a cheetah striped banana hammock-- oh yeah.