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Taper Profile:
Name: Derek Gilbert
City: Boston
State: MA
Equipment: Earthwork SR71s > UA-5 > IBM A31
Canon zr45mc
Conversion: A31 > Cooledit > Wav > Shn
zr45mc > A31 > mpeg or dvd
Artists: Howie, Nathanson, Jack Johnson, VACO, Missing Joe
Other Info:

Previously released tapes from Derek Gilbert

   2011-06-24 City Hall Plaza, MA
   2011-04-09 Boston College, MA
   2011-03-06 Edwards Auditorium, RI
   2007-10-13 Roxy, MA
   2006-10-25 Lupos at the Strand, RI
   2006-10-21 Boston University, MA
   2006-04-06 The Paradise, MA
   2006-02-27 Northeastern University, MA
   2005-10-21 The Paradise, MA
   2005-10-20 The Paradise, MA
   2005-10-19 The Paradise, MA
   2005-04-23 Endicott College, MA
   2005-01-07 Northeastern University, MA
   2004-10-30 The Call, RI
   2004-02-04 St. Anslem, NH
   2004-01-30 The Call, RI
   2003-12-02 The Paradise Lounge, MA
   2003-10-16 Newbury Comics, MA
   2003-10-09 University of New Hampshire, NH
   2003-09-09 Wentworth Institute of Technology, MA
   2003-09-08 Endicott College, MA
   2003-06-28 Tower City Amphitheater, OH
   2003-04-08 St. Anslem, NH
   2002-09-21 The Paradise, MA
Matt Nathanson

(Matt is singing and a guy yells out: Shut the fuck up! Matt stops singing and says): Dude what are u doing? I have a mic! This is my show, ur makin urself look like a douche!!