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09:37:13 am

+ New Site!

Hi Everyone,

For the past 6-9 months or so I've been working in my spare time to create a new set list site. This will be more of a wiki style site where users contribute to it. To start with I've grabbed all the set lists I could from and There are obviously a lot of data cleanup to do as the archive sets are not the cleanest.

I'd appreciate any feedback anyone here has on the site. Good, Bad, Missing features, etc.. There's a lot that still needs to be added but I think there is a good functional base.

For those of you with accounts your email and attendance lists have been migrated to the new site. Just use the "forgot password" link to create a new password for the site.


09:38:13 am

+ New Site!

It would probably help if I gave the site URL. hahah.


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