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11:52:38 pm

+ how to download recordings from livestreams

get the python "app/code" at

for the ones at the store you need to find the master.m3u8 file from F12 > Network, open that in your favorite text reader.

audio links start with #EXT-X-MEDIA:TYPE=AUDIO
video links start with #EXT-X-STREAM-INF

pick the URL after the higher resolution/frame-rate one, and enter that into the python app above. it should package together a .ts file which is the downloaded audio or video.

Putting the audio and video together is an exercise left to the reader :) (slash i forget)

if someone from matt camp sees this and is upset, sorry, it's the internet we like to save things that are technically saveable.....

I don't know how to save the post-show this time, as there appears to be no recording. It might be possible to use this same method during the post-show.

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