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: Concert Posters :
OAR gig
  1. OAR
  2. Maroon 5
  3. Matt Nathanson
Venue: House Of Blues
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Show Date: Nov 5,6 2002
Size: 11"x17"

Feeling Better Than Everfine Festival
  1. OAR
  2. Maroon 5
  3. Virginia Coalition
  4. Matt Nathanson
  5. Pseudopod
  6. Oval Opus
  7. The Lost Trailers
  8. Marc Broussard
  9. Ingram Hill
  10. Georgia Avenue
  11. The Low Life
  12. Ari Hest
Venue: Tower City Ampitheater
Location: Cleveland, OH
Show Date: Jun 28 2003
Size: 18"x23"

Notes: Hand-screenprinted, numbered, signed. Very few (only 69) of these posters were made to promote an amazing lineup of up-and-coming artists.
Before These Fireworks tour
  1. Matt Nathanson
Venue: multiple
Location: BTF Tour (nationwide)
Show Date: 2003 summer tour
Size: 11"x17"

Notes: This poster was used to promote shows on the BTF tour. Venue/show info would be printed on the bottom white section.
: Other Posters :
American Wedding
  1. Matt Nathanson's Laid
Venue: n/a
Location: West Coast, US
Size: 8.5"x11"

Notes: Promo poster for Laid, featuring the motif of the American Wedding movie. The poster is local to the West Coast, stating some radio stations on which the single was played.