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Universal Records
Beneath These Fireworks

  1. Angel
  2. Suspended
  3. Sad Songs
  4. I Saw
  5. Bare
  6. Little Victories
  7. Pretty the World
  8. Curve of the Earth
  9. Bent
  10. Lucky Boy
  11. Weight of it All
  12. Sing Me Sweet
Label: Universal Records
Catalog Number: B0001140-02
UPC Number: 6 02498 60798 5
Release Date: Oct 14 2003
Production: Album
Packaging: Jewel

Notes: Matt's first major-label record!

Matt Nathanson
2007-04-29, this song uh, is a song about?fucking and sex?.this is a song about the kind of sex, or hows this for those of you who maybe haven?t had the sex?.you know when you?re eating ice cream, you?re eating a sundae, and it?s the best fucking sundae ive ever had and the sundae is so good you just feel like you wanna pull its hair and slap its ass?leave teeth marks on its back?.