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First Time

I'm ready to embrace this, I'm ready for repair
I've got so many layers left by amateur painters who covered
over what was there
I stuffed myself sick on your memory and the beautiful mess
we'd made
But I'm so tired of being inspired only when things slip away
They told me time would strip it all free and leave me bone
They told me time would strip it all free but I'm no better than
when I left here the first time
I'm ready to erase this, I'm ready to begin
Spent myself trying to change all the beauty we d made just
to want it all back again
And with the clouds moving in, this hardly looks like the same
And with the leaves all gone the trees that once stood strong
now look pinched and cruel

Live Setlist Database:
'First Time'
Played in 2008:2
Played in 2007:1
Played in 2006:3
Played in 2004:10
Played in 2003:43
Played in 2002:17
Played in 2001:3
Last played on:2008-11-01
First Time

Photo: Jason Tang