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Hold Me

Hold me
Save me from myself
I claim to be so righteous but I'm just like everyone else
I was judging you when I realized just how big a lie I lead
Hold me
I truly wish you could follow me in my walk through brilliance
But I've grown so much hollower and the paths have all grown dense
With vines of green, the color of envy
With vines of green, the color of jealousy
And it s funny but I hate it when you steal the spotlight from me
Hold me
I've no patience for hypocrites, I have no patience for fakes
I've no patience for those who make my same mistakes
So hold me

Live Setlist Database:
'Hold Me'
Played in 2006:2
Played in 2005:2
Played in 2004:3
Played in 2003:3
Played in 2002:7
Played in 2001:1
Last played on:2006-10-26
Photo: Jason Tang


(About Come On Get Higher)- "Some of you probably came here tonight thinking this was my only song"