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Amazing Again

I must be glorious
I must be a sight to see
Oh maybe you could comfort me
And I come to you strangled
In things I'm told are flattering
Maybe you could come and comfort me

And all the wan, hip, full lipped lovers
Are locked against one another
And I waiver, uncomfortable in my skin

Wait here for me
I'll be back for more and you'll see
And maybe, I'll be saved
And amazing again

You called us perfect
Because we slipped into awkward so easily
So maybe you could comfort me
And I've been better than this before
I know you've seen me be
So maybe you could come and comfort me

Live Setlist Database:
'Amazing Again'
Played in 2015:4
Played in 2012:11
Played in 2011:1
Played in 2009:1
Played in 2008:14
Played in 2007:6
Played in 2006:9
Played in 2005:14
Played in 2004:36
Played in 2002:5
Played in 2001:1
Last played on:2015-10-20
Amazing Again

Still Waiting for Spring
Photo: Jason Tang


"This is a song actually about running a marathon in only cheetah briefs and nipple pasties...Lubing up on Vaseline so as not to chafe...This song sounds like it's about a woman I hate, as well--It's not. It's about a race. And it's about Chippendales and it's about the marriage of Chippendales and running, two of my favorite things in the world. Let's hear it for Chippendales and marathon runners. Goddamn that's good. I don't know anything better, really."