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More Than This

What a spoiled boy I've been
My mouth full, mess, my arms outstreched
I've got palm sweat, I'm smiling like I'm
Well, maybe I'm yours

She said, "I know you, you're a salesman's son
And you're pimping pretty junk"
And I said,
"What am I supposed to do
They've built the scenes around you
And I need more than this"
And she said, "what am I supposed to do
Look at what's become of you
And I need more than this"

"Go on then, hitch me up, baby,
If what I am is not enough
Because I do love the glow you get
When you're told word for word
How to think for yourself"

I'm tired
Of baring my teeth when I smile

Live Setlist Database:
'More Than This'
Played in 2011:1
Played in 2009:1
Played in 2008:2
Played in 2007:1
Played in 2006:11
Played in 2005:24
Played in 2004:7
Played in 2003:24
Played in 2002:37
Played in 2001:8
Last played on:2011-05-17
More Than This
More Than This

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Photo: Jason Tang


This show is very PG. . .That's the understatement of the year. This show is rated G. It's like Aladdin.