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More Than This

What a spoiled boy I've been
My mouth full, mess, my arms outstreched
I've got palm sweat, I'm smiling like I'm
Well, maybe I'm yours

She said, "I know you, you're a salesman's son
And you're pimping pretty junk"
And I said,
"What am I supposed to do
They've built the scenes around you
And I need more than this"
And she said, "what am I supposed to do
Look at what's become of you
And I need more than this"

"Go on then, hitch me up, baby,
If what I am is not enough
Because I do love the glow you get
When you're told word for word
How to think for yourself"

I'm tired
Of baring my teeth when I smile

Live Setlist Database:
'More Than This'
Played in 2011:1
Played in 2009:1
Played in 2008:2
Played in 2007:1
Played in 2006:11
Played in 2005:24
Played in 2004:7
Played in 2003:24
Played in 2002:37
Played in 2001:8
Last played on:2011-05-17
More Than This
More Than This

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Photo: Jason Tang
Matt Nathanson

Michael Tolcher came backstage and told me that this crowd rocks, but he'll say anything to get me into bed. He told me he loved me. Bastard.