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New Coats and New Hats

I remember crowds
where you stand alone right now
I remember celebrations
But now my reign has run
all the color from
all my decorations
And I'm fine; I'm just a little lonely
So can I ride on your back for a time?
Oh, the seasons change
so quickly these days
And while the rest in their new coats and new hats
shiver in their beds
You stand outside
and watch the clouds go by
in the same clothes I met you in

Live Setlist Database:
'New Coats and New Hats'
Played in 2015:4
Played in 2011:2
Played in 2007:1
Played in 2006:1
Played in 2005:3
Played in 2004:11
Played in 2003:16
Played in 2002:6
Last played on:2015-10-11
New Coats and New Hats

Not Colored Too Perfect
Photo: Jason Tang
Matt Nathanson

(after introducing the band) And I'm Howie Day. Thanks for hanging out with us. I'm from Maine, and I'm angry.