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Answering Machine

I met a new one and she looks just like you
She gives me everything that you didn't want to
And maybe I don't need saving after all
She sticks in my ribs almost better than you did
And maybe I'm tired or maybe she glows

I wonder if you're still defending
I wonder if you're still defending

Met someone with your eyes and skin
I can convince her of everything
And baby, it's so delicious you should
Come here and see for yourself
"I'm gone", you said, "if this is all there is…
You'll never shine alone

And I wonder if you're still defending
I wonder if you're still defending

You've been so wrong
For so long now

(I can fall alone if all
if I can fall away)

I've kissed others lips
And they promised me healing
It's easy if you try

Live Setlist Database:
'Answering Machine'
Played in 2015:4
Played in 2013:14
Played in 2011:1
Played in 2010:1
Played in 2009:21
Played in 2008:70
Played in 2007:46
Played in 2006:70
Played in 2005:71
Played in 2004:108
Played in 2003:94
Played in 2002:68
Played in 2001:15
Last played on:2015-10-22
Answering Machine

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Photo: Jason Tang
Matt Nathanson

I want to take you to a place where MULLETS, and there was white leather at this time, there were reebok hightops, there was some acid washed shit, and some really bad fucking hair choices. And I want you to feel it.