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Somewhere to Hide

She said "come along with me,
I've got offerings for you my sweet, sweet boy"
she promised warmth too, but I knew better
her words broke hot against my neck
and tasting the sweet, sweet numb of regret on my lips
I filled my pockets and closed the door
and I tasted all I'd left behind,
then shameful I crawled naked
Searching for somewhere to hide
And in the end she said it was memorable and comfortable
but funny, I wouldn't have used those words
the secrecy and her bed, it was choking me with a knot in my gut
you have beautiful empty eyes, I'm sure of that much
Oh princess open your eyes and close your mouth
else all that spite you swallow willingly , it just might fall out
and I've seen you smile wide, I've seen you at your best
and it left me feeling sick inside and unimpressed
and I tasted all I'd left behind, but shameful I crawled naked
Searching for somewhere to hide

Live Setlist Database:
'Somewhere to Hide'
Played in 2011:4
Played in 2010:2
Played in 2008:12
Played in 2006:1
Played in 2005:1
Played in 2004:6
Played in 2003:6
Played in 2002:5
Last played on:2011-05-24
Somewhere to Hide

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Photo: Jason Tang
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"This is a song actually about running a marathon in only cheetah briefs and nipple pasties...Lubing up on Vaseline so as not to chafe...This song sounds like it's about a woman I hate, as well--It's not. It's about a race. And it's about Chippendales and it's about the marriage of Chippendales and running, two of my favorite things in the world. Let's hear it for Chippendales and marathon runners. Goddamn that's good. I don't know anything better, really."