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Then I'll Be Smiling

Trailed by a mess
Of masking tape construction paper
And the best of intentions
He tried to patch up every hole as he went
Back and forth and back again
And his friends half full of half concerns
Embarrassed looks and tired words
They burrowed deeper into the ignorant
Little lives they preferred
And he envied their distance
Their lack of concern
He thought,
Once I shed the whole of me
Once I shed the whole of me
Then I'll be smiling

He cursed himself
And his instinct to nurse
Every idea to health
And all of the falls that he'd spent
Trying to coax his name from the mouths
Of success
He thought
Once I shed the whole of me
Once I shed the whole of me
Then I'll be smiling.

They litter me with small awareness'
Then they ask if I'm good enough
They litter me with small awareness'
Just to wake me up
Why do the fools wake me up?

Live Setlist Database:
'Then I'll Be Smiling'
Played in 2015:1
Played in 2012:1
Played in 2008:6
Played in 2007:3
Played in 2006:6
Played in 2005:13
Played in 2004:21
Played in 2003:13
Played in 2002:9
Played in 2001:2
Last played on:2015-10-02
Then I'll Be Smiling

Still Waiting for Spring
Photo: Jason Tang
Matt Nathanson

If someone isn't singing, ostracize those people until they learn it. Just point. No, don't like call her out to me. You're your own police tonight, sir. You're your own rent-a-cop. We're not going to give you a gun. Maybe some mace. Just mace the people who aren't singing. That'll give you friends.