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You're Smiling

You're smiling but I sense fear when you say, abandon ship
and there's land near
And the water is deep around my knees, but still I don't
At another time I would have followed you anywhere, but not
You said I was a shackle to you, well you always say the most
violent things, my dear.
You're smiling as you climb into another idea of what it
means to be you
And I'm supposed to follow and I'm not supposed to mind that
you keep leaving me behind.
You said that I was a shackle to you well you always say the
vilest things, my dear.

Live Setlist Database:
'You're Smiling'
Played in 2005:3
Last played on:2005-11-05
Not Colored Too Perfect
Photo: Jason Tang
Matt Nathanson

You're a bad ass!